I'm Ryan Visima, a professional photographer and social media guy.

What I Do

I take pictures. Really great pictures. For over ten years, I've photographed weddings, corporate events, nightclubs, models, live performances, landscapes, and more. I've also had the opportunity to photograph celebrities at high-profile private events and red carpet bashes, such as Katy Perry, Matt Damon, Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Douglas, Jessica Simpson, and many others.

For the last five years, I was a one-man social media department for a national retailer. I was part strategist, part community manager, and part content creator — writing, photography, graphic design, and video. I love the power of social media for two-way communication between brands and customers.

I'm looking for a career where I can mash these two skill sets together and have fun doing it.


Who I Am

Born and raised in Toronto, I know the city, our people, and our culture well. I know Canada well too, having visited eight of our ten provinces — Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are still on my to-do list.

My tools of choice are Nikon and Apple products, but I easily adapt to whatever technology is thrown at me.

I like pierogis. Sour cream is my favourite condiment.

I'm a big fan of the Oxford comma.


My Work

Everything above was shot by me. Here are a few other projects I've worked on over the last few years.

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